About Abacus

Founded 1999

Abacus is a residential building contractor specializing in remodels for discerning clients, people for whom quality, service, integrity and aesthetics matter deeply. We work primarily in San Francisco and Southern Marin County. We measure our success by the long-term loyalty of our clients and their referrals.

Abacus is hands-on. Founder Chas Voorhis and general superintendent Vince Vega each have over thirty years of high-level experience in extremely sophisticated construction. Our experience, in terms of problem solving and attention to detail, isn’t just cumulative – it’s exponential. We appreciate architecture and design as much as we care about materials and craftsmanship.

With our experience comes the knowledge that the path of least resistance is not the one we can afford to travel. Our projects include countless one-of-a-kind details and problems to be solved. This means that for Abacus, we see each project as intrinsically unique.

To us, new construction rarely offers the same kind of gratification as helping people realize their dreams in a place that they’ve already invested in emotionally. If we had to sum up what we love about residential renovation: It’s about helping individuals shape their home into their dream house, one that enables them to experience a life enriched aesthetically, functionally, and energetically.