Chas Voorhis


“I have always loved the tangible sense of accomplishment I get from construction. To build something of lasting substance is wonderful, and to create an environment in which people live fulfilling lives has profound meaning to me. I think this is where my passion for residential remodeling comes from.

I believe that our physical surroundings have a big impact on our spiritual dispositions, often in subtle ways we cannot understand or articulate. I value natural beauty and intentional aesthetics, when things are done for a reason and not just because. My job is to help our clients and their design teams to transform their homes with intention.

I continually look for better ways to build, better ways to communicate, and better ways to help our clients realize their dreams. For Abacus, professionalism is paramount, but this does not preclude humanity and the exchange of ideas. I strive to inspire confidence and calm – allowing the client to enjoy a process that can be profoundly rewarding. The long-term satisfaction and delight of our clients affirms my belief that Abacus offers a unique value proposition.

I began working in construction when I was still in high school in Santa Barbara. I went to Claremont McKenna College, where I studied political science and philosophy. After graduation, I went to work on the management side of a large construction company. I stayed there fifteen years, eventually becoming VP in charge of estimating, project management, and contract negotiations. Much of what I learned there formed the basis for my understanding of the business of construction.

I consider growing Abacus to be my life’s work.”
Chas Voorhis

Added Insight

“With Chas, it’s all about customer service, precision, quality, and intelligence in building – which is an ironically refreshing approach to remodeling. Chas loves devising a mental path for constructing the details that our clients and their design team want to implement. He comes to the job and can see the project as a whole work of art. He immediately spots any missing pieces and points them out for discussion. Chas has an eye for the finished product like few other contractors.”
–Vince Vega

About Our Crew

Our crew is a critical component of our success. We could not do what we do at such a high level without them.

A key demand on our crewmembers is to execute one-of-a-kind details not only with thoughtful professionalism but also as if they had done them many times before. We make sure everyone understands where his work fits into the sequence and how it impacts whatever comes next. Crew members benefit from the systems we have developed, and every project benefits from our extremely low turnover. The average tenure of our crew is over 7 years. This consistency streamlines our efficiency and promotes a rare elite team dynamic.

As a company, we have definite criteria for how things should be done. We put a great deal of energy into training, educating, and grooming our crew. Well-executed tasks foster pride in craftsmanship. Their growing knowledge base motivates crewmembers to help Abacus deliver distinctively beautiful results to our clients and their design teams.

Periodically, our crew is back in a client’s home after move-in, and we want our client to be eminently comfortable with their presence. Happily, our clients routinely comment on how respectful and mindful our team is, from being prompt every day, to cleaning up before they leave. This great chemistry becomes part of “the Abacus experience.”

Honoring the humanity in us all is a core Abacus value, and we believe this enables us to create a positive, respectful work environment. Our crew works hard, and their integrity is one of our great strengths.