• Living room

  • Kitchen

  • Archway

  • Bathroom

  • Entrance

  • Dining room

  • Terrace

Larkspur, Marin County

Whole house remodel

This was either a house with a dance hall attached or a dance hall with a house attached. The original owner hosted weekly square dances on a large scale, and half the square footage of the house was devoted to the dance hall. Otherwise, it was a mid-century California Ranch. So this was an exceptionally interesting starting point.

The dance hall had a high roof, allowing our client to transform the house into a Craftsman-style home. The goal was to create a traditional feel, evoking some nostalgia, while harmonizing with clean, crisp new features to make the house livable and relevant.

Our client decided to abandon the confusing original floor plan, in favor of maximizing the use of space. Some uncomfortable asymmetry was turned into pleasing symmetry. New details were designed and executed to look as if they had been there all along.

“I would describe Abacus as visionary, skillful, and non-judgmental. Chas is great at keeping everyone – the client and the design team – together. Working with Abacus is a next-stage relationship – to them, ‘completing’ the job is the ‘commencement’ of what the job was for: getting to live in a home you love. You feel like you are an Abacus client for life. And that’s an extension of Chas’ personal philosophy.”

–Stephen Gordon, homeowner