• Staircase

  • Dining Room

  • Terrace

  • Great room

  • Master bathroom

  • Wine cellar

  • Entry

  • Kitchen

  • Landing

  • Living room

  • Media room

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Whole house remodel

The initial motivation for the project was to move the kitchen from the front of the house, overlooking the street, to the back of the house, where it would interact with a wonderful yard and become the heart of the home. As our clients began working with the architect, they decided to include all 5½ bathrooms and other key spaces in the scope of the remodel.

Mid-way through the project, our clients decided to do what they had really wanted all along: demolish the dark, archaic, four-story staircases. A new open, flowing elliptical staircase soon became the catalyst for the clients’ grander vision of the house as a whole.

Upstairs, Downstairs

The original staircases were a traditional construction: steep, with mid-flight landings; low sloped ceilings; awkward turns; and wasted space. Architect Ted Bonneau presented three conceptual design solutions. The elliptical option was the clients’ favorite – and everyone else’s. The finished result is an incredibly graceful form that flows up, as light from the new skylight above brightens the interior of the house.

“The collaborative attitude of Abacus was one of my favorite aspects of the entire process. I felt that Chas and I spoke a common language, based on an appreciation of art and aesthetics, and shared references. Ultimately, my being able to suggest highly specific design tweaks – including texting digital photos snapped wherever I happened to be – made a tremendous difference in the sophistication of the result.”