• Entry Hallway

  • Living Room

  • Powder Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Master Bedroom

  • Master Bathroom

  • Roof Deck

Russian Hill, San Francisco

Whole house remodel

The owners wanted to create beautiful, functional spaces to suit their contemporary lifestyle, while preserving the historic look and vintage charm of their 1926 home. The kitchen received a major update, as did the baths. The master bedroom was converted into a dramatic suite opening onto two roof decks with breathtaking views. 


Elevating Daily Living 

A great deal of creative thought was given to aspects that guests (and neighbors) don’t necessarily see, but that significantly enhance the owners’ enjoyment of their home. The new four-story elevator replacing the service stairs is the prime example. We worked closely with the engineers, the design team, and the clients to come up with a structural system that met seismic needs while satisfying the aesthetic priority that the elevator not be intrusive or obvious.  

Additional “disappearing features” include the sheets of glass surrounding the roof decks; clean, organized areas for storage; and the totally 21st century mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sound systems—which are smart in both senses of the term. And we admit to being proud that the entire year-long remodel was done without the tenant on the first floor needing to move out. 

“Abacus works with great sub-contractors who think and act like part of their team. Chas and Vince, the site superintendent, are great at communicating with each other. They thoughtfully choose “the right guy for the right job.” The whole team is a pleasure to work with—even when they are the guys who have to pull the rabbit out of the hat! “

—Timmie Friend & Scott Haskins, homeowners