“The professionalism and aptitude of Abacus are exemplary. They deftly combine the pragmatic with the artistic. ”




Our clients are at the heart of every project; delivering on their creative vision is our mission. Collaboration is an essential tool in building, one that we use continually. Abacus builds strong partnerships with all stakeholders by ensuring an ongoing dialogue, from the first meeting through completion and beyond. We believe that everyone involved should enjoy the process.

Abacus deeply respects architecture, engineering, and design—interacting with these disciplines is central to what we do. We know from experience that this level of collaboration leads to stellar results.

Construction Management

Ideally, construction management is a process that should begin well before ground is broken. The Abacus team is comprised of rigorous and disciplined planners. We are driven by the knowledge that achieving the delicate balance of efficiency, quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness is essential to a successful outcome.

Custom architectural construction is both complicated and complex. Typically, the project lifecycle starts with pre-construction services to define expectations. Early on, we develop detailed schedules, taking into account all project parameters. During the construction process, Abacus is the hub of project oversight and communication with all partners. Abacus is committed to delivering an experience and a finished product that enriches the lives of our clients.


Our craftsmanship is born from skill, experience, and passion. It is expressed in the consideration we give everything we do. In some instances, this craftsmanship is overtly beautiful, such as architectural woodwork and finish carpentry. Elsewhere, the beauty is in the fact that you don’t notice our work—though you feel its effect, in flawlessly hung doors and perfectly aligned surfaces.

In addition, we have developed strong relationships with subcontractors, artisans, and specialty suppliers whose dedication to craftsmanship aligns with ours. Their contributions enable Abacus to deliver a harmonious whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.


Residential – Remodeling

Remodeling includes renovating and expanding an existing home’s interior and exterior. Each project reflects our client's individual preferences and specific needs. To construct a beautifully crafted living space, we partner with the homeowners, architects, engineers, and design professionals. Our work often involves re-configuring floor plans, updating aesthetics, and modernizing systems.

Residential – New Construction

Starting from scratch to achieve the client’s creative vision can begin with an empty lot or with demolition to clear the slate. The earlier we are involved, the more value we can bring to the project. Our relationship with the client and their architect sets the tone for a smooth and productive collaboration.

Pre-Construction Services

Providing our clients with a constructability analysis early on helps them gain an understanding of the scope, budget, and schedule for building their project. Expectations regarding cost and schedule are realistically set, based on an in-depth review of design and constructability. This analysis enables our clients to make informed decisions.

Sustainable Construction

Incorporating green building systems in every project is part of our commitment to creating spaces that are as healthful as they are beautiful. We build energy efficiency into the bones of a project, proposing ways to re-use and reduce whenever feasible. We frequently partner with civil engineers who specialize in sustainable design. Abacus has been a member of the national Green Building Council (usgbc.org) since 2006.

Industry Affiliations

  • Marin Builders Association
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • Remodelers Advantage
  • U.S. Green Building Council