Pacific Heights

“The collaborative attitude of Abacus was one of my favorite aspects of the entire process. I felt that Chas and I spoke a common language, based on an appreciation of art and aesthetics, and shared references. Ultimately, my being able to suggest highly specific design tweaks – including texting digital photos snapped wherever I happened to be – made a tremendous difference in the sophistication of the result.”



  • San Francisco, California

    Project Partners:

  • David Hale / OXB Studio Architects
  • BKG Structural Engineers
  • Rice and De Tienne Designs
  • The Land Collaborative
This four-story classic home in Pacific Heights was completely remodelled, with a breathtaking elliptical staircase to infuse the entire house with light. The architect drew inspiration from contemporary Madrid, giving the 1904 home a European sensibility, with dramatic spaces that emphasize scale and proportion, and exotic architectural woodwork throughout. The distinctive architecture was unusually demanding in terms of execution.
Elliptical Stairway